Help in Denver Colorado

Homeless Families' Shelters

Some homeless shelters in Denver, Colorado, are for families. Some only accept women with children but some will also accept men with children. There are also some shelters for pregnant women as well as women with babies. Below is a list of homeless shelters for families. 

Central Emergency Shelter - Interfaith Hospitality Network of Greater Denver
Confidential Locations
(303) 675-0713

Provides shelter, meals and support to homeless families. Overnight shelter, meals and transportation is provided through church congregations who are part of our Network.

Samaritan House - Catholic Charities
2301 Lawrence St
Denver, CO, 80205
(303) 294-0241

Provides emergency shelter to homeless individuals, (who are 21 years and older, unless pregnant or has a child) and families.

Homeless Project - Denver Department of Human Services
1200 Federal Blvd
Denver, CO, 80204

For families with children and disabled individuals when all shelters are full.

Transitional Housing (STAR at The Crossing) - Denver Rescue Mission
6090 Smith Rd
Denver, CO, 80216
(303) 953-3963

STAR (Strategic Transition Assistance and Response) is a transitional housing program which offers privacy and safety to families, couples and single individuals with income.